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Welcome brothers and sisters to The Rising Faith store.

We are a team of Christians seeking to spread the word of God our Heavenly Father. 

Our mission is to show people the way to Christ so they can get to heaven. If we can save several people from the devil we’ll be ecstatic!

As we all know the world is changing before our very eyes and sometimes not for the better. 

Too long we’ve seen God labeled as boring. After all, people say we go to church to listen to the scriptures based on someone we can’t even see. 

1 Corinthians 8:6 NLT


We need to be reminded that our main purpose in life is to live the way God intended us to live. If we do this we’ll inherit the kingdom of God.

One way we’ll spice up your relationship with God is through fashion.


Our designs are fun and unique. Now you can go and show off your faith in style because God was already cool from the time he made Heaven and Earth.

God bless!